Loot Rules

We use a modified version of DKP to deal with the distribution of loot in our 40-man raids.
The modifications to the system are all based on common-sense and aim to prevent drama and unfair situations, while also allowing us to perform better as a progressive raiding guild.

Each 40-man raid awards 15 DKP to all participants (including people sitting out) AFTER the raid night comes to an end.
Exceptionally successful or stressful raids as well as raids during times of progression can sometimes award additional DKP.
Click here for more details on how to earn DKP.
Showing up too late or leaving too early can result in a reduction of that amount by 5 DKP for each “violation”.
Loot distribution follows a certain priority list and items are auctioned off using DKP according to that priority.
Click here for more details on loot priority.
Items are auctioned off in the raid chat.
Players openly bid the amount of DKP they want to pay and the highest bidder wins.
One can bid several times to out-bid competitors as long as one stays within their DKP limit.
Be quick and pay attention to the Discord when bidding.
Click here for more details on how to use your DKP to get items.
Base price for items is 5 DKP.
Exception: 15 DKP for prioritized tanking gear to main tanks. Off-tanks will get tanking gear that no one needs for free (assigned via Loot Council).
Players without enough DKP can /roll for items that no one is bidding on. The highest /roll wins and winner will then have to pay 5 DKP for that item. This is the only time one is allowed to get a negative amount of DKP.
Click here for more details on how to get items without enough (or any) DKP.
Passing on upgrades in order to save DKP for another item is heavily discouraged and items CAN BE FORCED UPON players if the alternative would mean to disenchant the item. In that case players will have to pay the base price for that item.
Click here for more details on what happens if everyone passes on items that are upgrades, in order to save DKP for other stuff.
At the end of each raid-week we will reduce the amount of current DKP of every player by 10%.
The reasons for this are listed further below. During times of progression we may disable the DKP-Decay for a few weeks.
Click here for more details on the DKP-Decay.
DKP stands for Dragon Kill Points.
They are awarded to players that attend our 40-man raids and can be used to win items. Items are up for auction during our raids and DKP are the currency used for those auctions.
Every time a player attends one of our 40-man raids they will be rewarded with 15 DKP at the end of that raid-night.
Players that have to sit out to allow other players to participate in the raids are also awarded the full amount of DKP (if they stay available the whole evening).

If a player shows up late or has to leave early the officers of the guild can choose to reduce that amount by 5 DKP for each of those actions.

Raid nights that are exceptionally successful or stressful as well as raids during times of progression can sometimes award addition DKP. The decision to award additional DKP is up to the officers of the guild.

The current amount of DKP for all players will be reduced by 10% with each weekly raid reset. During times of raid-progression this DKP-Decay will be on hold. Further information can be found below under “DKP-Decay”.  

You can always check your current DKP on our DKP-Site.


While most items are auctioned off through open bidding in the raid chat, our loot distribution follows at specific priority list:

main-spec for all main characters of rank “Raider” and above.
main-spec for all main characters of rank “Trial”.
off-spec for all main characters of rank “Raider” and above.
main-spec for all alt characters as well as main characters of rank “Friend”.
off-spec for all main characters of rank “Trial”.
off-spec for all alt characters as well as main characters of rank “Friend”.

This means that as long as an item is used for their main-spec, a Raider will have priority over Trials, Friends, any alt character and people that want the item for their off-spec. A trial member that wants an item for their main-spec has priority over any alt characters, friends and people needing for off-spec. And so on, and so forth. 

Some notes and exceptions:
Our protection warriors will be given priority over others when it comes certain items (most tanking gear).
They will get this gear without much bidding amongst themselves, but instead will generally follow this priority:

Main Tank #1 → Main Tank #2 → Main Tank #3 → and so on, and so forth.

To deal with this offset in “fairness” the base price for those items will be 15 DKP per piece instead of 5.

Tanking gear that is not needed by any of our main tanks will be loot counciled to our off-tanks.
These items will cost no DKP for the off-tanks. If any off-tank wants a specific piece of tanking gear they are free to bid DKP on that piece.
PvP gear counts as off-spec gear
We also realize that there are certain special items that are CLEARLY more useful to certain classes/specs than they are to others.
For those items there is an extra set of priorities in place.
A full list of those items can be found here.


Almost all items in our 40-man raids are auctioned off. The currency used for those auctions is DKP.

The person responsible for loot distribution (probably the raid leader or an officer) will post the item that is currently up for open bidding in the raid chat.

People will then start to bid their DKP on that item.

The minimum amount of DKP for an item is 5 DKP.
During the auction the raid chat should only be used by those bidding on the item.
Please refrain from bullshit/fake/joke bidding.
Be quick when bidding for an item and PASS when you don’t want to bid any further.
You can place several bids for an item and out-bid your fellow guild members as long as you have the DKP to pay for it. The highest bidder will win the item.
You CANNOT bid in decimals.
Players can only bid the DKP they have – DKP earned after a raid night are NOT yet available for usage. You can always check your current DKP on our DKP-Site.
Pay attention to our Discord when the loot distribution is happening – especially if you’re bidding on an item. The winners will be announced there. If you are too slow to bid and the auction for an item has ended, it’s your loss.

In cases of extremely bad raid performance the officers can penalize the offending player with a loot ban for the evening. Luckily we only had to do this once so far.


You can only bid for an item if you have the DKP for pay for it.

However, if no one bids for an item that you want (but can’t afford) you can /roll for it.

In case several people with no DKP /roll for an item the highest roll wins.
The winner will then get the item for a base price of 5 DKP.

This is the only instance in which people are allowed to go negative on their DKP.


Our DKP system is all about giving our players the freedom to decide which items they want to get next.

However, if an item is set to be disenchanted just because no one is willing to pay DKP for it even though it’s an upgrade for some people, the officers CAN and WILL force those people to take the item for the base amount of DKP.

Save your DKP for all the stuff you want, but passing on an upgrade even for the base amount is a big no-no.


At the end of each raid-week we are going to reduce the current amount of DKP for each player by 10%.

This is done to encourage players to spend their DKP and prevents them from hoarding too many DKP at a time while also leveling the playing field for newer members of the guild.
It also helps avoid situations in which inactive players come back with loads of DKP from days long gone, only to “steal” items away from people that kept the raids alive in the meantime.

It enables us to keep the DKP-System running without any need for resets whenever new raid tiers release and motivates players to stick around even if they don’t need any more items.

During weeks of raid progression, when new raid instances are not yet on “farm-status”,  the decay WILL NOT be active. Progression usually ends when we manage to kill the last boss of a new raid tier for the first time. The time during which the decay is not active may extend up to three weeks after raid progression has ended.

Legendary Items:
Both [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] and [Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian] will NOT be up for auction but instead be loot counciled when the time comes.
Since [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros] does not grant any significant advantage in PvE situations, it will be up for open bidding in the raid chat for all classes that are able to wield it.

Disclaimer: If anyone happens to have any objection to the items on that list or thinks that some item should be added; feel free to contact the officers for an open discussion about it BEFORE that item drops. It’s important to note that we’re only human, so if you find any mistakes, please let us know!

Name Priority Notes

Molten Core

[Bindings of the Windseeker]  Protection Warriors → Human Combat Rogues → Rest First 2-3 will go to the main tanks. After that some rogues might get their hands on it.
[Band of Accuria]
Protection Warriors → Rogues → Rest Fury warriors can get better
[Bonereaver’s Edge] Fury Warriors → Rest Useful for PvE for Warriors. PvP off-spec for everyone else.
[Brutality Blade] Hunters → Rest Quite nice for Hunters; Gap closer for Warriors
[Choker of the Fire Lord] Mages+Warlocks → Shadow Priests → Healers → Rest  N/A
[Cloak of the Shrouded Mists] Hunters → Rest Good for Hunters, meh for Rest
[Crown of Destruction] Hunters → Rest Useful for PvE for Hunters. PvP off-spec for everyone else.
[Quick Strike Ring] Fury Warriors+Retribution Paladins  → Rest Rogues can get better
[Talisman of Ephemeral Power] Mages+Warlocks → Rest  N/A


[Head of Onyxia] Protection Warriors → Hunters+Rogues+Warriors → Rest  N/A
[Shard of the Scale] Healers → Rest  N/A
[Vis’kag the Bloodletter] Human Fury Warriors+Sword Rogues → Rest Non-Human Warriors are better off going for Deathbringer

Blackwing Lair

[Angelista’s Grasp] Priests → Rest Costs NO DKP for Priests; used for Mind Control at Razuvious in Naxx.
[Chromatically Tempered Sword] Human Fury Warriors+Sword Rogues → Rest  N/A
[Cloak of Draconic Might] All Melee (except Rogues) → Rest Really good for Fury and Feral; not so much for Rogues
[Cloak of Firemaw] Rogues → Rest Good for Rogues; meh for Rest
[Draconic Maul] Feral Druid → Rest Useful for Feral in PvE; off-spec for Rest
[Drake Fang Talisman] Rogues+Fury Warriors → Hunters  → Rest  N/A
[Head of Nefarian] Tank → Melee → Caster  N/A
[Prestor’s Talisman of Connivery] Hunters+Rogues → Rest  N/A
[Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight] Human Fury Warriors+Non-human Rogues  → Rest  N/A
[Mish’undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer] Mages+Warlocks → Holy Paladins → Rest  N/A
[Staff of the Shadow Flame] Mages+Warlocks → Rest  N/A

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

[Anubisath Warhammer] Human Fury Warriors → Rest  N/A
[Belt of Never-Ending Agony] Rogues → Rest BiS for Rogues
[Death’s Sting] Dagger Rogues → non-Human Fury Warriros → Rest Few real alternatives for Dagger Rogues
[Eye of C’Thun] Healers → Rest  N/A


[Splinter of Atiesh] see: Notes Awarded to a player through a loot council consisting of the officers
[Desecrated Bracers] Protection Warriors → Rogues gonna
[Desecrated Breastplate] Protection Warriors → Rogues need
[Desecrated Gauntlets] Protection Warriors → Rogues T3
[Desecrated Helmet] Protection Warriors → Rogues tanks
[Desecrated Legplates] Protection Warriors → Rogues for
[Desecrated Pauldrons] Protection Warriors → Rogues the
[Desecrated Sabatons] Protection Warriors → Rogues four
[Desecrated Waistguard] Protection Warriors → Rogues


[Cloak of Consumption] Warlocks → Mages → Rest  N/A
[Jin’do’s Hexxer] Holy Paladins →  Rest  N/A
[Fang of the Faceless] Hunters → Rest  N/A
[The Eye of Hakkar] Fury Warriors → Rest Rogues can get better with Head of Onyxia
[Warblade of the Hakkari (MH)] Hunters → Rest  N/A
[Warblade of the Hakkari (OH)] Human Rogues →   Rest Better than Maladath for Human Rogues; Useful until Naxx
[Nat Pagle’s Broken Reel] Protection Warriors →   Rest Needed on tanks for the four horsemen in Naxxramas

Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj

[Head of Ossirian the Unscarred] Healers → Rest  N/A

World Bosses

Items that are used for the ZG-Enchants will be awarded to people who already have BiS (Best-in-Slot) items or an item that is “worthy” of the enchant. Protection warriors are prioritized if they have an item to enchant.
Items from 20-man raids like Zul’Gurub (ZG) and The Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ20) are not subject to our DKP-System. Rolling will generally decide who gets the items from those raids, granted the character that wins can make proper use of them in PvE situations.

At the end of the day, we all work together as a group, which mean we should HELP each other to get ahead – If that means that an alt character has to pass on some items for a new raider in ZG and AQ20 that is a sacrifice we all have to make.

Mounts are also up for rolling, however, main characters in the group will be prioritized (Skill required).
Loot from world boss encounters will be /roll-ed, however, some items are distributed according to the special priority list.