A new beginning (once again)


After a roller coaster of hype over different private projects, a  lot of testing and failing, we have discovered a project worthy of being our new home.
Many people have tested it for a week now, it has it flaws here and there, but the overall impression of the server and where it is heading is very promising.

I want to encourage as many of you to join the fun once again at our new home:

Hellfire TBC –

So now the works begin at getting our raiding machine ready once again for new adventures!
If you are one of those – who did not join yet, and are going to. We are in need of most classes, but the greatest need is currently:

  • Druids
  • Priests

If you are searching greater responsibility within the guild, there is a few officer spots that needs to be filled.
Contact Dooze for more information about this if you are interested.