About Us

History of endurance

Endurance was orignally founded on Bloodfeather-EU, back in retail vanilla. The GM and founder was Shaou, who also started our Endurance adventure on Emerald Dream.

Endurance and Retail
First lets briefly talk about the orgin of Endurance, on Bloodfeather-EU way back. The guild did very well and after some long hours and late evening infront of the computers, was one of the few guilds to clear Naxxramas before the release of The Burning Crusade.
The guild has not always been known as Endurance. Over the years it has run under other names such as:
  • No Name – Which was the first edition of the guild, this name stuck for some time. but after a merge\reform, the name was changed to 
  • Endurance – Which stuck for a long time, even though it changed for a short time period after this.
After the long grind that lead to the fall of Naxxaramas, most of the people were exhausted. And people felt it was a good time to take a break, and after a little break the guild reformed as 
  • Point of No Return – This was the version that lasted some of TBC but eventually the name got changed back to Endurance
Endurance held together for a long time, and alot of core members returned during our times on retail and have been raiding with Endurance at different stages of it’s life. 
At some point in TBC, Endurance moved to Outland-EU, because the population on Bloodfeather-EU was dwindling.
After Vanilla and TBC the community got seperated into smaller groups, and the contact between people got weakened. I personally believe this is because how retail-WoW developled over the last few years, with smaller raids, and looking for groups and such!
Most people from this time are now just occasionally playing.
But enough talk about the early history of old-Endurance.
Some of the facts might be a bit off, but I think most should be somewhat accurate. If you have inputs or questions, feel free to contact Doooze.

Endurance and Private Servers
In late 2012 Endurance finally reformed on Emerald Dream PvP.
Shaou and some other people from the old core of Endurance formed the guild and started to rebuild the community. 
The guild did well, and managed to get hold of alot of other great people – both when it comes to the ability to play this game and fortunately personality-wise.  
These people really made Endurance what it is today.
Just around BWL release, the guild merged with another stronghold on Emerald Dream – “Equilibrium” – and to this day, many of these people have stuck around. The guild also soaked up smaller groups\guilds over the time, and so our community kept growing. The friendly atmosphere in the guild was stronger than ever and all new additions fit very well into the fray.
After some changes within the leadership early BWL, the progress and community still kept growing and great friendships have been built, which im sure will last for many years to come.
When it comes to PvE, Endurance did well as always. Cleared content, and kept up with the grind vanilla is known for.
However, after some crucial missteps from the server management the server slowly started to die. Guilds didnt have the motivation to keep going, and decided to focus on other things.
Endurance waited for AQ40, cleared it the first week. We continued to keep up the grind for almost a year in the hopes for good news from the server administration. However during the time between christmas and newyears eve in 2015 Feenix – the server admins – announced some changes that compeletly killed the project in the eyes of most Endurance members. 
One of our goals as Endurance has always been have a great time, but the end-goal for our vanilla-WoW ambitions was always to clear Naxxaramas together as a guild. 
In January 2016, the guild decided to continue chasing this goal. So we decided to reroll on Nostalrius PvP. The server is known for great PvE guilds, a huge population and an active PvP scene. This is a great challanage!
Endurance is determied to be one of the top guilds again, and the grind has already started.
We will be in fighting shape soon!
When it comes to achievments on ED –  Endurance has done it all.
We had several rank14’s and great PvP premades. We cleared all raid-instances(MC, Ony, BWL, ZG, AQ20 and AQ40) in good pace. We also killed worldbosses and had some epic battles together with both the alliance and horde faction for some of them. We also farmed Redtempest (now Deadtempest) the first legit AQ40-scepter and in the process managed to get the server first Eranikus kill, which also was great. However at that time the competition on ED already had dropped alot.
If you ask around, people will point out the community in the guild as mentioned a few times.
This is a vital part for our guild, to keep the guild strong and together.