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History of Endurance

ndurance was originally founded in 2005 as a guild in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game “World of Warcraft” on the European Server “Bloodfeather”.

Founder and first guild leader was the Danish Player Shaou and it was also him that brought the guild back to life on the Vanilla World of Warcraft private server Emerald Dream on September 29, 2012.

Ever since that day the guild grew into a tightly-knit gaming community that strives for greatness in all its endeavours while also maintaining a friendly atmosphere amongst all members its community.

This Spirit of community is what enabled the guild to overcome numerous challenges over the years and laid the foundation for several friendships that transcended far beyond the games that they were formed in.

With the announcement of official legacy servers in the form of “World of Warcraft: Classic” during BlizzCon 2017 Endurance is now once again looking forward to set out on new adventures in the familiar world of Azeroth. 

Genesis: Official Servers

hen World of Warcraft first launched in Europe on February 11, 2005, no one could have foreseen its massive success and the impact it would have on gamers and the medium of gaming as a whole.

It was by no means the first MMORPG, but no other game in the genre quite managed to push its way out of the niche and into the mainstream market.
By refining a variety of concepts from other MMOs and making them more approachable for the casual audience, Blizzard managed to open up a whole new world of gaming to the masses.

For the majority of players World of Warcraft was the first time a game could be experienced simultaneously with thousands of other people in a vast virtual world brimming with adventure. This world known as “Azeroth” was filled with all kinds of threats and dangerous challenges and those that truly wanted to succeed had to team up with the other players around them. By its very design the game encouraged community building in ways that felt natural to the players and would see the formation of deep-rooted friendships and rivalries which would even transcend the game itself.


It was thanks to those conscious design decisions that a few like-minded individuals on the server Bloodfeather-EU banded together in 2005 to form the community which would later be known as “Endurance”. During their time on the official WoW servers the guild bested many challenges that few other guilds were able to overcome and successfully left their mark on WoW history.

“Faux-Opening of AQ” on Bloodfeather-EU.
Picture by Trutje. January 2006.

Cold as ice..

Sapphiron kill by Endurance.
Picture by Trutje. January 2007.

Only a setback? Not for us!

Kael’thas Sunstrider kill by Endurance.
Picture by Trutje

The guild has not always been known as Endurance though. It changed its name a few times during the years on the official servers:

No Name

The very first iteration of the guild was known as “No Name”.

Thanks to its accomplishments in both PvE and PvP, No Name was quickly recognized as a force to be reckoned with among the community on Bloodfeather-EU.

It was also under this name that the guild managed to open the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj, thus elevating Rogue-player Øl to the ranks of Scarab Lord.

However, before the grand opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj the guild conceived a plan to bamboozle the whole server in order to avoid lag during the first hours after the breaching of the Scarab Wall.

The community on Bloodfeather-EU was led to believe that the gates would be opened on a Friday night. Multiple guilds were waiting for their chance to finally enter AQ40 and ganking all around the Scarab Gong was out of control for anyone but No Name – members of the guild were spared because everyone wanted to see the gates opened as soon as possible.

Unbeknownst to most of the server though, the gates were only supposed to open on the following Saturday at 10:00 in the morning.

The grand deception worked perfectly and No Name was able to claim the first four boss kills in AQ40 before anyone knew what was happening.

The guild would later merge and re-form under a new name: “Endurance”.


 “Endurance” – a name that defined our community through most of our history and one we are still honoured to flaunt to this day.

Beneath the banner of Endurance even the indomitable necropolis of Naxxramas with all its undead horrors crumbled and through immense effort we were able to successfully slay the mighty lich Kel’Thuzad.

However, victory over the right-hand man of the Lich King took a hefty toll on the members of the guild. After many long hours and late evenings spent in front of the computers several of our members felt drained and it was decided that a small break from serious raiding was in order.

After this small break the guild reformed one more.

Point of No Return

This version of the guild lasted for some time during “The Burning Crusade”, but was later changed back to Endurance.

No Name vs. Lord Kazzak.
Video by Helgon.

Necropolis conquered!

First and only kill of Kel’Thuzad by Endurance during Vanilla.
Picture by Shaou. Jan 10, 2007. 02:01 CET

Endurance vs. Brutallus – Outland-EU.
Video by Ithaca

Just like today, Endurance back then held together for a long time due to its tightly-knit community and even if some members quit playing the game at some point, many core members returned during different stages of the guilds life.

At one point during the Burning Crusade expansion, the guild transferred to a different server: Outland-EU, due to the dwindling population on Bloodfeather.

However, after the old days of Vanilla and TBC, the game had developed into a direction that ultimately changed the social interactions between players and weakened social bonds overall (e.g.: Looking for Group-Tools and smaller raid sizes).

People only played occasionally and ultimately the contact between people weakened, which lead to an end of guild activity on official servers.

Revival: Private Servers

n September 29, 2012 Endurance finally reformed on “Emerald Dream”; a private PvP server that featured the Vanilla version of World of Warcraft by a group of private server providers known as Feenix.

Shaou and some other people from the old core of Endurance formed the guild and started to rebuild the community it was once renowned for.

The guild did well, and managed to get hold of a lot of other great people – both when it comes to the ability to play the game and fortunately personality-wise as well. 

Arawn finally receives Thunderfury.

Our first Thunderfury on Emerald Dream obtained by Arawn.
Picture by Arawn. September 03, 2013

Shortly after the 40-man raid instance “Blackwing Lair” was released on Emerald Dream, the guild merged with another juggernaut of the ED-Community: “Equilibrium”.

To see that the merging of guilds went smoothly Equilibriums guild leader “Arawn” joined our officer team with the intention of quitting the game for good after a short transitional period. Luckily, he later changed his mind because of the welcoming social atmosphere in the guild and has been one of our most respected and valued members ever since.

Around that time Shaou decided to step down and Dooze (aka Deuze), who has also been a member of the community since 2005, took over as leader of the guild.

Some smaller guilds and groups of players were also integrated into the guild over the time and our community just kept on growing.

The friendly atmosphere in the guild was stronger than ever and all the new additions fit very well into the fray.

To this day many of those people continue to stick around and these people and the friendships that have been built over the years really make Endurance what it is today.


When it came to PvE, the guild did as well as it always used to.
Content was quickly cleared and we kept up the grind that was Vanilla-WoW quite well.

However, due to some crucial missteps from the Feenix server management, the server community slowly started to decline.

Many guilds did not have the motivation to keep going and decided to move to other projects or to focus on other things.


Despite the dwindling server population the guild continued to stay true to its name and endured until Ahn’Qiraj was finally released on Emerald Dream.

Against great odds the guild once again managed to complete the long opening quest chain that was required to open the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj as first guild on the server. This time the player Redtempest was entrusted with the honour of bearing the Scepter of the Shifting Sands.

With the Gates breached, the guild turned its attention to slaying an old god – a feat that they accomplished within the first week of the raid being open.


In hopes of an eventual Naxxramas release, the guild continued to grind on for almost a year, but during the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2015 the Feenix server administration announced some changes that ultimately completely killed the whole project for most Endurance members and the few other people that remained on Emerald Dream.

Server first kill of Eranikus on Emerald Dream PvP during the AQ-Opening quest line.
Video by Iheelz. February 01, 2015

Random C’thun kill on Emerald Dream.
Video by Aftershock. Circa November 2015

All that remained of a once great server.

Last seconds before Emerald Dream was shut down forever.
Picture by Redtempest. December 27 2015. 

Emerald Dream was initially operated by a different team (led by a person named “Sideways”) but was later handed over to Feenix when the workload got too big for the initial team to handle. It was the first real x1 rate Vanilla private server for World of Warcraft and until the release of Nostalrius it was also the most successful one.

Feenix had operated private servers for both the Vanilla and TBC-Versions of World of Warcraft for almost a decade at that point and every single one of their servers besides Emerald Dream had increased XP and drop rates and an option to spend real money for bonuses like gear.

When the population of their Vanilla servers slowly dwindled due to the release of Nostalrius the Feenix administration came up with the idea to forcefully push all their servers to TBC in order to optimize the monetization – since TBC appeared to be more lucrative for some reason even though Vanilla had the bigger player base. The thought that people deliberately chose to play on Vanilla servers didn’t even seem to occur to them and ultimately their astonishingly ill-advised plan resulted in the death of the whole project shortly after the announcement. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back for us as well.

One of our goals as Endurance has always been to have a great time playing the games we play, but the end-goal for all of our Vanilla World of Warcraft activities has always been to clear Naxxramas together as a guild.

The guild decided to continue chasing this goal in early January of 2016 and. so we decided to reroll on the Nostalrius PvP private server.


However, one evening after we’d just finished one of our raids on “Blackwing Lair”, it was announced that the whole Nostalrius private server project was going to shut its doors forever because of pressure from Blizzard.

Little did we know back then, that the uproar on all social media platforms following the shutdown, would ultimately be what would convince Blizzard to finally release its own legacy servers in the form of “World of Warcraft: Classic”. 

First Nefarian kill after the re-roll on Nostalrius PvP.
Picture by Dooze, March 17, 2016

Last minutes before the shutdown of Nostalrius PvP.
Picture by Redtempest. April 10, 2016

Endurance: Classic

he adventure has only just begun and there is still much history about our guild to be written – We’ll see you all on the official Classic servers once they launched!

Endurance Guild Movie by Kiva. All footage from Emerald Dream. March 14, 2014