Blizzcon 2018: Classic News Update


Blizzcon 2018 has started and now the time has come to awaken from our long slumber – it’s finally time to go home again.

During the opening ceremony of this year’s Blizzcon the developers finally shared their planned release window for Classic World of Warcraft with the public.

Better get your vacation days ready because we’re going to Azeroth in summer (of 2019)!


However, that is not all. A special panel regarding Classic WoW will happen tomorrow.

The name of said panel will be “Restoring History: Creating WoW Classic”, so expect some nice behind-the-scenes info on how Classic WoW became a reality.

We will probably update this post once we know more.


Update 04.11.2019:

Here’s a link to the panel. It’s worth the watch if you have an hour to spare.