Endurance & the future! Part 2



Seeing as endurance-community is bigger than who’s currently playing on Nostalrius, i thought it would be best putting this up on the general section of our forums. For everyone to see, and for everyone to be a part of the discussion that will follow.

First of all, i want to say a few words about the entire situation. Of course its really devastating, at least we can say we were a part of it – not for a very long time. But we made our entry, and were on the way to big things – no doubt. We built up, started raiding, made once again shaped a great community inside the guild. We recruited a lot of people who really fit into our way of thinking, and community as one. And for that i’m really proud of what we manged to achieve and build. You might sit there think you just wasted X amount of time playing on Nostalrius, but that is not the case at all. Its only a character, some gold, and some purples. What really matters is the time you spent with others, and how you spent it. The most important is not to lose contact with the people you made friends with. People might say online-relationships are not a great deal, but in fact that is not true, you could argue the opposite.

The future for Nostalrius seems pretty much to be sealed. There is small hopes of someone reopening and so on, blizzard thinking about legacy servers. The entire situation is very unclear – and the only thing we can consider doing at the moment is what actually is real. From what seems to be most clear options would be either; Kronos, or PlayTBC. I’m sure all of you know what these servers stands for and so on. Kronos seems to be the safe bet at the moment, seeing as playTBC is pretty much unproven. You might think whats the point of starting up on a new private server, the chance of losing your character once again. I just want to remind you about the good times, and the friendships you made over the past months. Also the fact that blizzard cant satisfy me as a world of warcraft player – forces me to choice to play on legacy private servers.

I totally understand if people are burned out, want to play some other games. And that is totally fun, but for myself.. I have more to give when it comes to legacy world of warcraft – and most of all i want to hang out with you guys. This community is great and i don’t want to be without it.

Don’t think its more to be said, we can all be angry at blizzard, Nostalrius crew for not putting up more of a fight, and so on. But in the end i totally understand all of these peoples actions.. For those people who do not want to continue the adventure – it was nice meeting you, and playing with you. Please don’t be a stranger. Teamspeak is always open, the forums are here. :-)

I already did mention the options for the future. And like we did last time – we will have a vote and see where we end up.

Please click here and vote.

You can of course vote on both servers – or you can just choice one.