Geddon curse continues for Endurance – Monthly Update, March 2016


Hello dear friends and foes,

Since last update we have been very busy with farming, gear, consumables, Strat Living, resistance gear, Strat Living, battlegrounds and Strat Living. We also had time to venture into MC a few times, which we cleared the first week of raiding with lesser gear, while also still lacking quite a few people. In Molten Core we have already confirmed that the never ending Baron Geddon curse is continuing for us, since we already got our very first Garr binding, which Arawn got! \o/

After a few weeks of raiding, we decided to kill the two first bosses in BWL – which puts us at 2\8 in BWL at this moment. Even with our poor gear we managed to accomplish this, however the depression room got the better of us and we called it early and decided to kill some trolls instead. On a more serious note our tanks are lacking a lot of gear, making progressing a little bit harder, but soon again we will venture into BWL in the hope of getting at least 6\8 – which will really help the whole gearing process. Also there are some real struggles with consumables, but hey, we started one year late, it’s only to be expected!

Raiding aside, the last month we have been very active with recruiting new great people for our community and so far we are very pleased with the people we managed to pick up! The community is flourishing with some fresh blood amongst our ranks. Even all the people who did not hit 60 yet have been leveling faster, special shout out for Skinilicious doing 2 levels in one day (!!!!!!!!). Two very special people also are back where they belong, Neneh(Arteezy) and Ferreira(Moonlotus). The raiding roster is looking really promising now, there are a few pieces of the puzzle that needs to be put together but all in all, things are looking positive!


Yours truly,
Dooze, xoxoxoxoxoxo.