Guild Status Update: February 2017




It’s finally time to provide you guys with a long overdue update about the status of our guild 😀
Let’s start with some vanilla WoW stuff.

As some of you might’ve noticed we’ve had a bit of a rough start after the re-launch of Nostalrius (which now goes by the name “Anathema”) and had to recruit quite a few new people.
I’d like to once again welcome all the new folks to our guild – I hope you’re enjoying your stay 🙂


Thanks to our combined efforts, we are now finally back on track and once again have cleared all available raid content on Anathema.


On Tuesday 07.02.2017 we killed Nefarian for the first time since the re-launch and the very next day we once again managed to clear all content in one evening (even though we had to go a bit over time).

Our efforts were immediately rewarded with some nice loot and so it is that Storfan (formerly known as Hjuke) is now the proud owner of a Binding of the Windseeker (Garr Edition) – Congratulations !
Let’s hope our Emerald Dream trend does not continue and we get at least a few Geddon Bindings some time in the near future 😉


There are also some news from our TBC folks, and those with a general interest in TBC though!

Shortly after the re-launch of Nost our TBC crew sadly had to discontinue raiding on Hellfire due to the low population of the server.
However, this does not mean that we will stop having an active TBC branch!
On 5th of March the Hellground 2.4.3 server will officially re-release and we are hyped to be there when it happens!
For more information about our TBC plans please contact Dooze in-game on Anathema or in our Skype channel!


I’d also like to remind you all that we are always encouraging interconnectivity among our members. Over the years some awesome friendships have been built within our community and it is always sad so see someone fade away.
If you are interested in how to stay in touch beyond just our forums and the skpye channel (link above) check out our “Let’s Connect !”-Thread on the forums.


Speaking of our forums; we also switched our forum software and while we were at it, we took the time to import all the posts from our previous guild forums to this new forum.

So if any of you folks should ever feel like reading through half a decade worth of guild forum posts – you can do that now 😀


I guess that’s all for now 🙂


Have a nice weekend everyone