Guild Status Update: Holiday Break, Legendaries & more


Greetings fellow Endurers!


It’s been a while since our last update; so… what better occasion than the upcoming holidays to get you all up to date with a new post on the website and send you off well into the new year 🙂

As most of you are surely aware, the release of World of Warcraft: Classic brought back many familiar faces to our little community and we were even able to welcome a few new folks into our ranks shortly after launch.

Additionally, the drop-off rate among our active members was really rather minimal, and so we found ourselves in a position where we had to split up our Molten Core and Onyxia raids to ensure every member could participate in our weekly playing sessions – Though we did recently change this raid format of Wednesday/Monday split raiding to a format more in tune with the one we had on Emerald Dream; one main raid on Wednesday and one alt raid on Sunday (more info can be found on our Discord).

We also recently got lucky on some of the legendary loot that the Molten Core provides.

Dooze managed to snatch the first Binding of the Windseeker from our internal guild raids off of Garr last week while Terspet (aka Uschi) got rewarded with an Eye of Sulfuras as recent as yesterday evening.

All in all, it’s safe to say that we’ve been doing quite well for ourselves these past few weeks.


I guess all that is left to say for now, is to remind you all that we will be on a break from raiding from today until the 1st of January (though we will probably get some PuG-style no-DKP raid for MC going on December 30 @ 20:00 for those that are interested) and to wish you all happy and restful holidays and a prosperous start into the new year!


Kind regards,

the Endurance officer team