Guild Status Update: Phase 3 cleared!


Greetings fellow Dragon Slayers!


Classic WoW received a new content update and thus it is once again time for an update on this lovely website.


Yesterday evening Nefarian, Lord of Blackrock Spire has once again been dethroned by Endurance!

Our raiding team experienced no major hiccups during the ascend to the highest heights of Blackrock Mountain and so it was that not even 1.5 hours after we started the son of Deathwing was no more.

Since the new content launched at midnight on Thursday, 13 February, we sadly (in true Dad Gamer™ fashion) missed out on a shot at the server first kill, but at least it was a smooth raid 😉


At the time of posting this new update and according to Warcraftlogs, we managed to clear BWL as 8th guild on Earthshaker.

Speed and Execution (player deaths during the raid) wise Warcraftlogs puts us at #3.



If you want to check the logs for yourself: Click here.


I guess that’s all for now.

Sadly we can’t end this post with our usual kill screenshot, since we all kind of forgot to line up for a proper picture before leaving the dungeon, so I’ll just end this post with a screenshot of Towelz sitting on Nefarians throne instead!