Lady Vashj, Speedrun, WorldBosses.


Alot has happened the last few weeks, including a *few* boss kills.

Lets start with the most important thing, two weeks ago we killed Lady Vashj, putting us to 6/6 in SSC.

In the best Endurance spirit, enjoy the messy screenshot of a dead Lady!

We also had time to do some Tempest Keep in between the SSC progress, and so far we are 2/4 in TK! So we are looking foward to clearing the rest of the place soon!

A week or two ago, Hellfire staff arranged a Karazhan speedrun competition. We signed up a little team, and went on and wrecked everyone, even with a ret paladin LUL.
Out price was a fancy murloc costume! The team was: Dooze, Ikex, Gertrud, Lansy, Geraldine, Honey, Odjaay, Pajsan, Bergyy and Buscha
Hellfires newspost:

Our pro screenshot: