Long overdue Monthly Update, June 2016



First of all, welcome to our new raiding members on Hellfire, looking forward to raiding with all of you!

After a somewhat troublesome 2016 for Endurance, the year started great with the re roll on Nostalrius – but sadly we only had a few months before that door got shut right in our face! However something good came out of it, Blizzard is now listening to the community – and maybe something great can come out of this, time will tell!
Many private server communities tried to rush out a new server to capture as many new players as possible, but sadly most of these servers been a flop. After a great deal of excitement over different projects the hype and hope faded from many people.

Hellfire(L4G) is one of those communities that rushed into opening a International server (They already had a German only server). The server has been decent from the start, how ever there are bugs here and there – Which has been seen on all of the TBC private servers so far. From being a decent server in the beginning, the devs and community has raised the servers quality when it comes to scripts, bugs and more. It’s finally good to see devs listening to the community and working towards important matters for the community. From my perspective the skills and dedication of the devs has improved a lot just since the release of the server. A great example of how the devs are including the community so far are that they often run streams where they accept inputs from chats, and you can actually see the devs working, and how they work. Recently the server been a lot more stable, and also targeting gold-sellers in an aggressive matter, which is very pleasing.

Enough about the state of Hellfire, Lets talk more about the state of Endurance, the Hellfire Edition
There’s been over a month already, we have not had the guts yet to venture into 25mans – However this is about to change. Time to start taking things serious again! This is really a server where our skill (..and rng) will be tested to the max. The content is seriously very hard. Our raids are starting to look better every day, how ever we do wish to expand a little bit more in the near future. We are missing some key-classes to get our 3rd weekly Karazhan raid running, we are clearing Karazhan with two groups weekly at the moment.
A recruitment post, and information about which classes and speccs we desire will be up very soon.

We’ve managed to crate new home to Hellfire and we would love to see more of our core Endurance folks around, either as casual or raider. Or even just to log-on and stay in touch!

– Officer team
Arawn, Buscha, Dooze & Morden