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    Custom made clamshell packaging: To help our customers sell more, as you know packaging sells. In a retail environment customers’ decision to buy typically takes 30 seconds. If your packaging is appealing you have made the sale. We consider ourselves the alternative to thermoformers by providing inexpensive or no cost tooling, a large collection of stock tools for clamshells. When we started looking for clamshells most thermo formers scared us off with expensive tooling prices, for blisters and clamshells. We decided to be different we want to encourage manufacturers, inventors, and entrepreneurs to use the best retail packaging available, i.e. blisters and clamshells, to showcase their products. So we make it affordable. Call us or fax or e-mail with your requirements.
    Although some packages are not similar in color to the main color, they are closely related to the color of the product, but if the design of the package is out of the hand of the home.
    On the twelve-hue phase ring, the two mutually opposite colors are called contrast colors, and the difference in hue brightness is large, leaving a distinct and strong contrast feeling. Color can only be correctly expressed by contrast. The comparison mainly includes the following three aspects:
    Brightness contrast
    Including the contrast of the same hue and different hue, it is necessary to repeat the comparison, the design of the craft box, in order to accurately express. Brightness contrast can enhance the sense of brightness,
    The stronger the contrast, the clearer the visual effect, and the more blurred the visual effect.
    2.Parameter (specification)
    3.Clamshell packaging feature and application
    Main application industries: transparent plastic box packaging for consumer products in various industries such as baby products, cosmetics, electronic products, digital communication products, daily necessities, automotive supplies, gift toys, and food.
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    4.Shipping Options
    We accept seafreight shipping, air shipping and courier.
    Seafreight shipping: this is our suggested shipping method, this is the most cheap option, but it takes more time, so it is suitable to bulk and not urgent orders.
    Air shipping: This is only for urgent order, because the cost is high.
    Courier: This is door to door shipping, which is very convenient for sample order or initial test order.
    5.Exhibition we attended
    Jiangxin co., has exhibition plan for every year. The main exhibition we attended are Hong Kong International Printing & packaging Fair, Indonesia gift products Fair, etc.
    Q: Quote time?
    We will try our best to offer in 24hours after receiving all information.
    Q: Are there any other colors for choice?
    Yes, there are various colours.
    Q: Can the sample charge be refunded?
    Yes, it can. The sample charge can be normally refund when you confirm the mass production. But for the specific situation, pls contact the sales person who follows your order.
    Q: Can you design for us?
    Yes. We have a professional team having rich experience in gift box, book printing design and manufacturing. We are strong at designing, we could design it as customized or create it, and it鈥檚 free. So just let us know your ideas and we will help to carry out your ideas into perfect products.wholesale Thermoformed Packaging