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     Personal info








    What made you apply to Endurance


    Have you been in another guild at Nostalrius? if yes, then why did you leave?
    Pariah – got disbanded overnight


    Please tell us about your past retail raiding history if you have any
    I’ve always enjoyed playing Warrior/Shaman/Hunter, PvE wise I played on Malfurion/Nefarian EU-DE in top3 server guilds, nothing big international/national though.

    Classic: up to Huhuran in AQ40
    TBC: up to MH clear and Mother Shahraz in BT
    WotLK: cleared everything in the first week, quit wow after few weeks following that and only played few months casual at the end of wotlk and start of wod again.
    WoD: just Highmaul Heroic clear in the first weeks, quit after that again.


    How did you find out about Endurance?


    Do you know anyone in guild that could speak you up?
    So far only the other ex Pariah members


    Character info

    LYQ 60 Orc Shaman


    Are you attuned to Molten core / Onyxia / Blackwing Lair?
    Yes + MC Essence


    Endurance raid primarily on Wednesdays at 18.45 – 23.00 server time. During progression this will change to wednesday, thursday and monday. Are you available to join atleast 2 of these raids a week?

    2 days is perfect but for progress 3 days wouldn’t be a problem
    Attendance wise I was in the Top 5 of Pariah, above officers&tanks except one.
    At first we raided on 3 Raiddays as well.


    Anything else you would like to add to your application?

    I’ve played excessively on Feenix (esp. on Warsong but also Archangel) pre-core merge – most people know me under my Warrior’s Name Virose.
    I was one of the MainTanks during Progress while being Fury CL I supported the guild and raids not just only by doing the CL job.
    I progressed with Infinitum up to 12/15 – which at that time was the maximum doable, as Grobbulus wasn’t scripted and 4HM prenerf with WotLK values.
    On Archangel I played late T5 / beginning of T6 in Sacred Scars and after a break of several months I finished the content with the guild Elusion


    Back on Warsong I started doing some AddOn adjustments on eg CThunWarner, BigWigs and KTM and later created a couple of own AddOns for Classic.
    The last two months I spent in average 10hrs/week working on a BigWigs version not just adjusted for Nostalrius but also extended with major BigWigs-Core improvements and additional Plugins. The Version was intended for Pariah only at first but since its disband I’m going to publicly release the next big Version which I’m about to finish in approx. 1-2 Weeks.


    I would only join together with Zilena.