..PlayTBC was not prepared


After a troubling launch of the server, PlayTBC has decided to postpone their release. The last few weeks has been devastating to the private server community, and there is not really light in the end of the tunnel. After Nostalrius got shut down some weeks ago, there has been a lot of hype over playTBC – Which to be fair didn’t seem very solid when Nostalrius was still alive. However, Raiders gotta Raid, amirite or what? There is also hard to blame a server, that suddenly a week before launch receives massive (toxic) community.

The delay of PlayTBC – which already has broken a lot of promises leaves us in a strange position. What should our next focus be? Should we really wait for unproven server that so far has only been a big disappointment (Yes, we can’t expect the world from them, but still we are without a home…)
Over the last few days I have been trying to measure the overall attitude towards where we should be heading next, and if we should aim for something right now. And to be fair, the only thing that at the moment seem to be vaguely interesting is still PlayTBC, or Corecraft (…). Therefor the overall decision will be to give PlayTBC some time – They announced it will be closed until May. If its 1st of May, or 31st of May we do not know.. PlayTBC has not only shown negative sides, the ability to adept to the community, the guts to take the tough calls and also the overall operation seemed to, during the launch, to improve a little every day, and that is all that we can ask of them.

This being said, i know there is quiet a few that already has wow withdrawals (Me included..) – There for I HAVE started leveling slowly on Kronos. The fact is, Kronos is the the safest bet at the moment – However the 1-60 grind and the vanilla grind is really tough, especially right after we just did it a few months back. However, hit any member online in <Endurance> on alliance for an guild invite. But this might be the only semi-decent legacy server out there for a while! Also remember u get to see QT Doozeh gnome once again. <3

If this don’t sound very appealing at this moment, there is always other great games out there – While we give PlayTBC some time to be prepare for the invasion of the toxic whiners of Nostalrius once again.

Remember we have a “Endurance – Barrens chat” skype-group up. Poke me, or anyone else if you want to get added.

TL;DR – Give PlayTBC a little while longer before we take a final decision about it. If you want join for some slow leveling on Kronos.
I round off this update post, with a nice little video from ED – Our Eranikus kill. (Sorry for the horrible UI, blame the Germans..)