Greetings traveller

We are Endurance and we are looking for new members to join our ranks!

Here’s some info for you about us and why YOU might want to join us.

What are we recruiting?

We are recruiting Holy Paladins, Dps Warriorscasters (Mages, Warlocks) and a tank (Prot Warrior or Feral Druid)!


What are our raid days?

Currently we raid BWL & MC at wednesday 19:30 – 23:00 Server Time.

During progression and/or with more content we will also be raiding on Thursday and/or Monday


How do we handle loot?

We use open bidding DKP with weekly decay.

  • Detailed loot rules can be read here.
  • The TL:DR info and current situation is found here.


Are we even good at the game?

You can decide that for yourself! Good place to start are our logs!

  • We were third guild to clear current content on the server, first one that didn’t bother raiding at midnight.
  • We’re clearing content fast, but not full tryhard mode.


Endurance is a raiding guild with quite a bit of history that goes all the way back to the days of Vanilla World of Warcraft in 2005. In the years between 2012 and the official Classic WoW announcement we have also been active on a few private servers.

With the long history, we’ve also gathered some levels IRL, making the community a home for many gamer dads and eternal nerds alike. As a gaming community we all share a great love for the old days of World of Warcraft and are now once again working as a team to overcome any and all challenges it has to offer.  We offer an experienced team of players with a (semi) laid back attitude that is able to easily adjust to situations and is able to master the challenges the game throws our way. 

Unabridged Version

The name Endurance may not mean much to you yet but it certainly does to us.

Endurance is a gaming community that has been around since the early days of World of Warcraft in 2005. Initially built around the love and enthusiasm for the early version of the game, the guild quickly became a place of comradery and friendship for members all over Europe and beyond.

Just as any other guild in the game our goal as a guild is to successfully clear any content the game has to offer. What differs to most guilds approaches though, is our outlook on what we expect from the people that join our community. While quite a few progression guilds have their minds set solely on fanatically optimizing their roster with the best in-game characters they can scoop up, we look at the individuals behind those characters first.

When we are raiding, we are trying to enjoy our free time killing dragons and other foes with people that are like-minded.

However, all this does not mean any of our members can just slack off and not do their part by farming consumables or getting their BiS items and enchants – No one is having fun when you’re wiping because someone didn’t prepare enough for their role.
People in our guild are just not only in it to get the loot – They are part of a larger community and are actively working together to achieve a mutual goal; the loot is a nice bonus. Consequently that also means that our activities as community are not just tied to World of Warcraft. We sometimes plan events outside of raids for other games like Counter Strike, Dota, Diablo etc to have some fun together.

We are always encouraging our members to be even more active in this regard in the future.

As of right now our raiding schedule is still a bit up in the air, but we are raiding 40mans during weekdays (varying by community needs around Mon ,Tue, Wed and Thurs) , from 18:30 to 23:00 Server Time.

During our years on private servers we generally cleared MC, Onyxia, BWL and AQ40 in one evening.
The 20-man raids usually happen on off-days.
Loot distribution is handled via a DKP with some common sense mixed into it. More information about our loot rules can be found here.

In order to foster a caring and enjoyable community our officer team reads through 1000+ messages on average each day about the personal life of other officers and guild members. This allowed us to be lively and healthy on a dying Emerald Dream (Private Server) when there was absolutely nothing else going on. Even after all but a hand full of guilds left the server it was still worth logging in; seeing your friends and slaying those dragons!
Only shutting down that server could make us stop and made us migrate together on Nostalrius PvP.

Then in 2016 the shutdown of Nostalrius happened.
Having lost all our characters twice in short succession the guild decided to go into hibernation mode for a while, while still staying in touch. Many of us felt that the growing outrage at the shutdown of Nost would finally lead to a change in Blizzards stance on legacy servers and that the uncertain times of private servers may finally come to an end. At Blizzcon 2017 we were proven right!

With the launch of offical Classic WoW servers the dark times of fleeting private servers are now finally beind us and we are ready to start over once more!
We are now looking for more gamers that share our passion and sentiment.

If we managed to pique your interest, tell us who you are and become part of our community!


We are very proud of the community we have built over the years of raiding together, and this is an essential part of our identity that we seek to maintain. Our raiding core is currently in need of all classes – There is always room for fellow endurers.