Raiding rules

Loot rules


The general idea for our loot system is that we use DKP (Dragon Kill Points) but there is also a good portion of common-sense involved.

We are using the DKP-System for all 40 man instances, which means every time we raid those, you will earn DKP for attending and spend DKP for items.

When we are auctioning off items there will be:

  • SILENCE in raid chat, unless you are one of the people bidding.
  • NO bullshit/fake/joke bids on items.
  • Quick bidding – also please decide fast whether or not you want to

DKP amounts

Every 40 man raid rewards the player with 15 DKP. (This might change in the future, when we see fit to tune this).

The baseprice of EVERY item (including weapons, and armour) – is 5 DKP. Except for protection warriors, which has to pay 15DKP for each piece.. We gear MT1 > MT2 > MT3, and so on.


Items will be put up for auction in raid chat – open bidding for everyone.

You can place several bids, however you have to outbid the current winner in order to win an item. You CANNOT bid in decimals.

When you have decided not to bid anymore, please write “Pass” in raid chat – so that the person responsible for loot distribution (usually the raid leader or an officer) knows that you’re done with the bidding.

This is NOT Sunday-school, so you won’t have a long time to decide whether or not you are bidding. If you’re too slow and you bid after the auction has ended, it’s your loss.

Pay attention to Teamspeak when the auction is going on- especially if you’re bidding. Winners will be announced there.

You obviously can’t bid into negative DKP, so please keep a track of what your current DKP amounts to and therefor how much you can bid on items.

If however no one in the raid needs the item that is being auctioned, you can bid the base-price and go into negative DKP.
If your performance during a raid can only be described as piss-poor, the officers can LOOT BAN you and deny you to bid on any item.
The DKP system is all about giving the players the freedom to decide on which items they want to bid, however if a person decides to pass on upgrades for PvE in order to save for a big PvP item, you will be forced into taking the PvE upgrade for DKP.


[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] will not be available for DKP, the same goes to [Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian]. Both these items will be loot counciled when that time comes.
Items that does not give any significant PvE gains, such as [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros] will be open for bidding.

When it comes to ZG enchants, it will be awarded to the person who has a BiS item ready, or an item concidererd “worthy” of the enchant. Protection warriors has priority on enchants if they need it.


The priority on loot:

  1. Main Spec Mains
  2. Main Spec Trials
  3. Off Spec Mains
  4. Main Spec Alts, Friends
  5. Off Spec Trials
  6. Off Spec Alts, Friends

Other Notes

20 mans and more

Off-specc tank gear, will be LOOT COUNCILED. And these pieces will NOT cost DKP.

Zul’Gurub and The Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ20) are NOT affected by the DKP-system. However the leader of the raid will decide who rolls on what, so we won’t end up having BiS-pieces going to waste. If you don’t
agree, feel free to talk to an officer after the raid and we will have a civil dicussion about this. It’s important to keep in mind we can’t get everything perfect from the get-go.
When it comes to rare items, such as the ZG mounts – these will be prioritized for the main characters in the group.

At the end of the day, we work together as a group, which means we HELP each other to get gear, so we are in the best possible shape for when it comes to clearing new content.
If this means an alt has to pass some items for a new raider in ZG\AQ20, that is the sacrifice we all have to make.

World bosses will be /roll, however there is prio on who can roll on certain items.

In the future we might implement a weekly decay that will affect a certain percentage all players DKP savings to prevent excessive hoarding of DKP. The implementation of this will be reviewed by us once we
reach farm status on the currently available content.